Nephrite Jade and Final Day

Nephrite jade is a very traditional and classic favorite jade for Chinese people.  And so pretty, we all love it! If you read the Jade Blogger, the May information about jade and Chinese wellness mentions that this month we need to keep our liver and gallbladder meridians balanced.  Green jade has the qi energy for balancing the liver.  So this nephrite jade is not only pretty, it's also healthy to wear. There are only a few of the nephrite jade bangles remaining.  It's become very difficult to find nephrite jade that is genuine and natural and in a price range...

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Be the first to see what's new

new jade bangle bracelets

We are adding a new category, and feature so you can see the most recent additions to JadeBangleBracelets.  It's "What's New", and will begin today.  You can be one of the first jade bangle lovers to see what's new on the web site and get first chance at purchasing.  Some will even have special preview prices.  The link to new listing is under the Catelog menu.  Don't miss out on what could be your perfect jade bangle bracelet.

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Changes today!

Jade bangle free shipping

Thanks for feedback.  It goes along with what I want to do for JBB web site. The big change is FREE SHIPPING for USA customers.   And adding Great Britain, Australia and Canada to countries we ship to. And I decided that it would add $100+ to jade bangle bracelets in the Jade Market and Carved categories if I got each one tested by a gemologist to determine if it was grade A, B or C.  They were all sold to me as grade A natural color, but I didn't personally buy all of  them from the jade carvers in China,...

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Requesting your feedback on the store

Buy your jade bangle today

This new JadeBangleBracelets web site has so many options and I'm working on finding the best features for the store.  It's very different from the old web site, which was created in a program that I could make any change, whenever and wherever.  But this is easier for customers, and for me to work with.  Since this is all about JadeBangleBracelets, there are a lot more I want to add. But I need to make some changes over-all first.  In the old web site, you could browse the jade bangles even if the shopping cart was closed temporarily.  However, the...

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Should I wear my jade bangle on my right wrist, or left wrist? Which are is best for wearing a jade bangle bracelet?

One of the questions I get regularly: should I wear my jade bangle on my right wrist, or my left wrist?  Which wrist is best for wearing a jade bangle bracelet?  Your left wrist is closest to your heart, and if you wear jade the traditional way for wellness and qi balance, then the left wrist is the best wrist for a jade bangle bracelet. In the past, only wealthy women could afford to have jade bangle bracelets.  And wealthy women didn't have to work for a living.  But in our modern every day living, wearing your jade bangle bracelet...

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