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This new JadeBangleBracelets web site has so many options and I'm working on finding the best features for the store.  It's very different from the old web site, which was created in a program that I could make any change, whenever and wherever.  But this is easier for customers, and for me to work with.  Since this is all about JadeBangleBracelets, there are a lot more I want to add. But I need to make some changes over-all first.  In the old web site, you could browse the jade bangles even if the shopping cart was closed temporarily.  However, the...

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Should I wear my jade bangle on my right wrist, or left wrist? Which are is best for wearing a jade bangle bracelet?

One of the questions I get regularly: should I wear my jade bangle on my right wrist, or my left wrist?  Which wrist is best for wearing a jade bangle bracelet?  Your left wrist is closest to your heart, and if you wear jade the traditional way for wellness and qi balance, then the left wrist is the best wrist for a jade bangle bracelet. In the past, only wealthy women could afford to have jade bangle bracelets.  And wealthy women didn't have to work for a living.  But in our modern every day living, wearing your jade bangle bracelet...

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New Jade Bangles Added to Sale Collection Today

Sale jade bangles under $100

Eight jade bangle bracelets added to the sale "under $100" category today.  Some have regular price of $500, so they are a real bargain for you.  We are trying to clear out the "Jade Street Market" Collection, so different jade bangles will be added regularly. Get your new jade bangle at a great low price today.

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How to Check Your Grade A Jade Bangle Certificate

Grade A jade bangle certificates

When you purchase a jade bangle in the "China's Favorite" category, the jade bangle bracelet will come with a Chinese certificate of gemology testing.  You can go to the web site address on the certificate and put in your certificate number and it will show you thejade bangle registration for the certificate.  The web site is Chinese language only.  If you cannot read Chinese, here is a guide froma person who is a Chinese language speaker.

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Does My Jade Bangle Have a Crack?

Does my jade bangle have a crack or natural inclusion

When I shop in the jade market, I am very careful to inspect each piece of jade before I make the final "deal". I not only look with my eyes, but also feel each piece with my fingers. The jade sellers often have lights and filters to help customers carefully inspect each piece. Jade is a natural mineral and isn't "perfect" like man-made products, or "fake jades" can be. When you look closely at jade, you will see a lot of interesting things, which is as it should be. However, many customers want their jade to be "perfect", so that's...

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