Is My Jade Real?

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Almost everyone who buys jade wants to know if their jade is real.  

Well, if you can see it, feel it, yes it is "real".

What you probably want to know is if your jade is genuine and natural.

There are two kinds of jade.  The original jade was mined centuries ago in China.  Chinese jade is most likely to be natural color.  There is also Chinese jade that was formed in water, a river, and it is called "river jade".  It is not only green, but has other natural colors including green, white, yellow, black and red/orange.  Each of those colors are related to the five body meridians, so you can truly wear jade for your health with river jade.   Our Chinese River Jade Collection is here.

Burmese jadeite is the other popular kind of jade.  It is mined in Burma, or Myanmar.  This is the kind of jade that often gets color treated.  Yes, you can test the jadeite by refraction to know it is genuine jadeite.  But the color is often described as "natural" when it is color treated.  Color treated jade that is B and C grade is often bleached with acid to remove the original that was probably not attractive, then color is added.  That's why many Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets now include Chinese certificates of gemology testing.  But if you truly want all natural jade, you need to be careful because after the certificates show the testing is jadeite, they can add color to the polish to make it look "more pretty".  

We include a note in jadeite that might be color treated that sometimes jade is color treated but we did not get a USA gemologist to test it because it would add approximately $200 to the cost.

All of our Chinese jade is genuine and natural color.

Our jadeite bangle bracelets with certificates are genuine and natural.

Have fun shopping "like you're at a jade market in China"!

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