How to Measure to find your Jade Bangle Bracelet Size

We updated our video with information about how to find your jade bangle bracelet size

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More options for shipping, countries outside USA

Now that we have a clearance section for jade bangle bracelets less than $100, we have added some lower shipping rates for Canada, Australia, Norway, Great Britain for jade bangle bracelets priced less than $85.  It's first class mail, 7-10 business days, no tracking or insurance.  These countries have been safe to ship to without requiring signature, and small inexpensive items can be shipped less expensively and still be safe.  However, if you want your order insured and tracked, you can upgrade to USPS Express mail as an option.   Hope these new rates helps with your decision to purchase from...

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Clearing out jade bangle bracelets

Check out the Daily Special for clearance prices on jade bangle bracelets.  We've been working on a "retirement" plan for several months, and the Jade Market Collection clearance is the first part of the close out.  Now is the time to get a genuine jadeite bangle bracelet at a great low price.  Shop for yourself, or stock up on gifts.  Plus, with each purchase you will receive a coupon for 10% off your next purchase, AND you can use the coupon on the clearance selection.  Check back, more will be added. Jade Market Genuine Jadeite Bangle Bracelets

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FREE SHIPPING to USA addresses $108+

For a limited time we are offering free shipping to USA addresses orders $108+.  Standard shipping is first class mail 3-7 business days depending on your location.  There are options to upgrade to expedited Priority 2-3 day and Express 1-2 day shipping when you check out. Get your free shipping today.

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New Collection - Genuine Chinese Jade Bangle Bracelets

chinese jade chinese jade traditional bangle bracelets jade bangle round jade bangle bracelet

Natural Chinese jade that is mined in China has been the traditional kind of jade for centuries.  In the 19th century, Burmese jadeite was introduced to China.  Jadeite has a different gemology and because it was cherished for its fei cui green color and imperial green, it quickly became popular.  Jadeite is often color treated by bleaching with acids, then treated with polymer resin to give it the fei cui green, lavender, red, and other colors that would be very expensive if  natural, but are often loved by "foreigners" (western people).  Chinese jade has traditionally been all natural because it...

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