"Colors of Earth" Chinese Jade Bangle Bracelets

The Chinese jade "Colors of Earth" Collection are genuine and natural jade from the north east provinces of China.  It is very traditional jade used for centuries by Chinese people and Chinese doctors for health and wellness.  According to Daoism, the basis of Chinese medicine, feng shui and "yin and yang" balance, jade colors are related to the qi meridians of the body.  Green jade is related to the liver meridian which balances the emotion of anger; yellow jade related to spleen meridian which balances the emotion of worry; white jade balances the lung meridian and the emotion of sadness, grief; red jade balances the heart and love emotions; black and deep deep green jade balances the kidney meridian and emotions of fear. "Honey" color jade is related to the heart and spleen meridians depending on the shade of the color and intensity. 

The colors in this Chinese jade are caused by the minerals in the rivers where this jade is found.  In ancient times, specially chosen young Chinese maidens would search for this jade in the rivers with their bare feet feeling for the qi energy from the jade.  Due to the mineral content, this jade is not as hard as the regular nephrite and Chinese jade, and may have more clarification lines.  However, the good polishing brings out the colors of the jade to their very best.

The jade is purchased by our jade carver in China and made exclusively for us.

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