Requesting your feedback on the store

Buy your jade bangle today

This new JadeBangleBracelets web site has so many options and I'm working on finding the best features for the store.  It's very different from the old web site, which was created in a program that I could make any change, whenever and wherever.  But this is easier for customers, and for me to work with. 

Since this is all about JadeBangleBracelets, there are a lot more I want to add. But I need to make some changes over-all first.  In the old web site, you could browse the jade bangles even if the shopping cart was closed temporarily.  However, the changes I want to make next week mean the entire website will be closed for 1-2 days.  So if you want to make an order, or buy one of the Sale jade bangle bracelets, now is a good time to make your purchase.

Your feedback will help make this store more of what you want it to be.  Contact me   jadebanglebracelets @ with your feedback and comments.  It will be much appreciated!  Thanks

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