I apologize if you signed up for the mailing list on the web site and haven't received a newsletter.  It took me awhile to get the correct code into the signup form.  So if  you signed up, your request was not received. I think it's fixed now, so if you would like to be on the mailing list for coupons and special offers, please sign up again.We want all of our customer email addresses to be secure, so when you sign up, a confirmation is sent to your email for you to accept.  That method insures that we send our...

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Nearing the end of "Jade Market" Collection

We are nearing the end of the jade bangle bracelets for the "Jade Market" collection.  Some of the jade bangles posted today are natural color, purchased in 2003-2004 and the color has remained the same over the years.  All of the jade bangles were sold to me as natural color, but since I personally didn't buy them in China, I can't be sure.  They were all tested by refraction to make sure they are genuine jadeite.  They are priced low because I went to move them out, and make Jade Bangle Bracelets web site a really fabulous web site with...

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Get Reward Points on Your Purchases - New Loyalty Program!

Today we announce a new customer loyalty program for JBB customers.  When you purchase a jade bangle bracelet, you earn a point per dollar spent.    500 points earns a $5 coupon, 1000 = $10 and 2000 = $20.   The program keeps track of your points and notifies you as you make a purchase.  If you are a jade bangle bracelet lover, now you get extra discounts as you build your collection.  We appreciate your business, and you deserve a loyalty reward.   Click the bottom left link for "Rewards Program".  

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Nephrite Jade and Final Day

Nephrite jade is a very traditional and classic favorite jade for Chinese people.  And so pretty, we all love it! If you read the Jade Blogger, the May information about jade and Chinese wellness mentions that this month we need to keep our liver and gallbladder meridians balanced.  Green jade has the qi energy for balancing the liver.  So this nephrite jade is not only pretty, it's also healthy to wear. There are only a few of the nephrite jade bangles remaining.  It's become very difficult to find nephrite jade that is genuine and natural and in a price range...

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Be the first to see what's new

new jade bangle bracelets

We are adding a new category, and feature so you can see the most recent additions to JadeBangleBracelets.  It's "What's New", and will begin today.  You can be one of the first jade bangle lovers to see what's new on the web site and get first chance at purchasing.  Some will even have special preview prices.  The link to new listing is under the Catelog menu.  Don't miss out on what could be your perfect jade bangle bracelet.

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