Changes today!

Jade bangle free shipping

Thanks for feedback.  It goes along with what I want to do for JBB web site.

The big change is FREE SHIPPING for USA customers.   And adding Great Britain, Australia and Canada to countries we ship to.

And I decided that it would add $100+ to jade bangle bracelets in the Jade Market and Carved categories if I got each one tested by a gemologist to determine if it was grade A, B or C.  They were all sold to me as grade A natural color, but I didn't personally buy all of  them from the jade carvers in China, and they were bulk tested (not individual certs for each one).  So they have been greatly reduced, and with free shipping they are a good deal for you.  When they are cleared out, we will add more categories of grade A jadeite and Chinese jade bangle bracelets for you, jade bangles I personally purchased and/or commissioned from jade carvers after personally buying the jade rough in China. 

Changes are a lot of work, but I am keeping it positive!

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