Nearing the end of "Jade Market" Collection

We are nearing the end of the jade bangle bracelets for the "Jade Market" collection.  Some of the jade bangles posted today are natural color, purchased in 2003-2004 and the color has remained the same over the years.  All of the jade bangles were sold to me as natural color, but since I personally didn't buy them in China, I can't be sure.  They were all tested by refraction to make sure they are genuine jadeite.  They are priced low because I went to move them out, and make Jade Bangle Bracelets web site a really fabulous web site with the collection of certified jade bangles we have in inventory.  The jade bangles in the other categories are natural color, and they are also "good buys". 

The free "companion" or "spacer" bangle with purchase of $150+ is still available this week, so a good time to get not only lovely jade, but pretty jewelry to go with it.

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