Why is JadeBangleBracelets Site "Like Shopping at a Jade Market in China"?

JadeBangleBracelets logo is "Shop Like You're at a Jade Market in China".

A jade market in China is exciting, fascinating, overwhelming.  So much jade everywhere!

The first jade market I went to was in north east China near the jade mines where China's National Jade, the traditional green jade, is mined.  The jade market has mostly Chinese jade, including bangle bracelets, pendants, carvings large and small, jade rollers and health tools, and almost everything you can think of.  The jade market sells genuine and natural jade. But outside the jade market, in shops, tourist shops especially, you can buy color treated, fake jade that is often quartz.  And lots of plastic that looks like jade for rollers, pendants.  So when you shop there, if you want genuine and natural Chinese jade, you shop in the jade market.

When you travel to the southern part of China, there is less Chinese jade, and more Burmese jadeite.  The Guangzhou regular jade market is HUGE. Stalls are assigned to each seller.   It's a government approved jade market and the jade sellers are required to post a sign that they sell government approved genuine jadeite.  Some signs state their jadeite is grade A (genuine jadeite, natural color) and some signs for shops don't have the A sign, and they sell color treated grade B and C jadeite. There's nothing wrong with B and C grade, but you want to know what you are buying. Occasionally a jade seller walks in with a case of jade bangle bracelets that are not very good quality, look like grade A but are not, and buyers often rush toward him to get some good "deals".  There are not prices on any of the jade, and you bargain for your purchases.  Sales were cash only, in Chinese currency.  Next to the stall part of the market is a large building that looks more like a department store, and the sellers with the most expensive and best jadeite usually try to sell in there.  Next to the jade market are small shops with gemologists who test jadeite and provide certificates for a fee.   Across the street are more shops, mostly for tourists or jade buyers who want to purchase small amounts.  And next to these shops are "jade testers" who sell certificates that are fake certificates very cheap.  They look like the real thing, but there are boxes of them for the choosing.

JadeBangleBracelets is like a jade market because all of the jade is genuine, and has been tested.  Jadeite that was tested in the real gemology labs have certificates of grade A (China's Favorite Collection).The Chinese jade and "Colors of Earth" Chinese jade are genuine and natural color. Jadeite that was sold to me but does not have a certificate of gemology are in the "Carved Jadeite Bangle Bracelets" and "Jade Market" Collections.  The sellers who sold in the streets  jade that is genuine but probably not natural color are in the "Clearance" Collection, pretty and  fun to wear, with low prices.

And you can bargain if you are buying a higher priced item, or several, by sending the item numbers and your offer to jadebanglebracelets @ yahoo.com

But you don't have to pay cash.  Credit cards are accepted.

We're like a jade market in China, where you can shop where you are without the noise, filth, pickpockets, and back alleys for toilets.   If you get a chance to be there in person, it's an experience you will never forget.

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