Will the Jade Bangle I Buy Look Like the Photo?

If you are a regular JadeBangleBracelets customer and look at the web site often to find out "what's new", you may have noticed changes in the "Jade Market" Collection.  Some customers even asked why the jade bangle they have been looking at for awhile now looks slightly different.  That's because many of the photos have been updated.  JBB web site started more than 10 years ago, and cameras and photography have improved.

Most web sites show the photo with a completely white background.  But we learned if you photoshop and remove the background, the jade doesn't look like it "really" is.  Jade is a challenge to photograph because we want the photo to look like it really is, but editing photos can be tricky.

We want JBB photos to show the color as it really is, the translucence to show, the jade veins pattern to look accurate.  Most photo editing tools have such good features that they have the potential to make a gorgeous photo.  So manual editing is the only way to go with jade.  

JBB2209 looks very much like the "real thing".  The photo was taken in natural outdoor light.  The light is behind, so you can see the translucent quality.  It took at least 35 photos to edit to get the color, translucence, and overall appearance satisfactory to show what it really looks like, and make it look good for the web site.  Of course JBB can post a photo that is accurate, but we all use different browsers, different lighting when we shop  We check what it looks like on Apple iPhones, iPads, other mobile phones, and desktop, both Apple and Windows.  Yes, it's extremely time consuming and lots of work to get the photos and post them!

While we were handling all these jade bangles, we also tested them by refraction to determine they are genuine jadeite.

You can feel confident about shopping JadeBangleBracelets.  The photos are accurate,  and the descriptions point out the major highlights.  

And if you get your jade bangle bracelet and it just "doesn't work" for you, contact JBB right away so we can work out an exchange.

We want your experience to be like shopping at a jade market in China.

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