What is the Chinese Meaning of White Jade

White jade is not very popular in China.  Traditionally, white is the color of death.  The Chinese people traditionally do not wear white for weddings, they wear white at funerals.

But white jade has healing properties as part of Daoism, the root of Chinese medicine.  White jade is related to the lung meridian,  metal element.  If you have allergies or asthma, problems breathing, or you get a cold in your chest, white jade is the color that balances the qi energy.  Women with hay ever or allergies often wear white jade during allergy season.  The lung meridian is also related to feelings and emotions about grief and loss, and when balanced increases feelings of contentment and joy.

If you like to wear the jade color that is best for you, and white isn't a color you like to wear, but think it might be helpful to you, you can get the white healing energy from jade bangles that have white veins, or are the "snow" in "moss and snow" jade pattern.  You can also wear white jade pendants.  And if you really love jade bangle bracelets,  you can wear your white jade bangle along with your "regular" jade bangle.  You can wear one on each wrist, or get a "spacer", something to wear between the two and wear them both on the same wrist.

I like the "yin" white and veins of imperial green jadeite bangle, and wear it during warm and hot weather.  But when I travel, I like to wear black jade for the protection energy, so I wear a bead bracelet as a spacer.  These bead bracelets are available on Ying Yu Jade and Jade Heaven web sites.

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