What Color Jade Bangle Bracelet Should I Buy and Wear?

I am often asked:  "what is the best color of jade bangle bracelets to buy and wear?"

That depends if you are wearing your jade bangle as "medicine" or as jewelry...or both!

Green is the classic color of jade.  Green color is related to the liver meridian, the "root" of your body.  The liver meridian is for good health of body.  It's also the most cherished color.  

Black jade is related to the kidney meridian.  I wear black jade when I travel, for protection, and carry one in my purse all the time.  Black jade offers comfort and protection.

Yellow jade is related to the spleen meridian, managing stomach problems and emotions of fear and anxiety.  A healthy spleen meridian promotes assertiveness and dealing with difficult situation.

Red jade is related to the heart meridian. It's the "fire" meridian, the king of the body.  Red jade is often called "hong" because the color may not be true red, but have orange hues.

White jade is related to the lung meridian. It controls breath and energy.  It is related to compassion, and dealing with end of life.  

This jade bangle bracelet, JBB3173  is basically translucent green with "hong" veins and darker "butterfly tracks", adding more yang energy.  It's a high energy jade bangle, good qi energy for recovering from illness, getting your body energy back, taking care of challenging situation.

I think most people are attracted to the jade that is best for them.  When you're looking through the jade bangle bracelets, one or more might catch your eye, then start your other senses being stimulated.  You might keep coming back to look at it, maybe even drooling when you see it!  That's when you know it's the right one for you.  It's not only beautiful jewelry, it's also "medicine" you wear on your wrist.

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