Jade Bangle Sizing - Width Makes a Difference in How Your Jade Bangle Fits

JadeBangleBracelets has a video that helps you find your jade bangle bracelet size.

Sometimes customer tell me they measured the inside of a bangle bracelet that is metal to determine their jade bangle size.  It's important to know that metal often can be slightly bent, has some "give" so you can get it over your hand more easily.  Remember: it's not  your actual wrist size that determines your jade bangle size.  It's the knuckles and bones that are the difficult areas to slide the jade bangle over. Jade is stone, and has no "give" or flexibility.

And sometimes customers tell me they have a jade bangle and know the size.  The width is also very important to know.  The measuring video is based on a 12mm wide bangle bracelet.  Jade bangles used to be more slender, 9-12mm, but now they are often wider, unless it's an older or vintage jade bangle. Chinese women who wore jade bangles prior to the Cultural Revolution in the Qing Dynasty and before were often royalty, who did not have to work, so there was less chance of their jade bangle breaking.  But now modern women are more active, and need more jade stone in their bangle for durability.  And now many jade bangle bracelets are made exclusively for export to western countries, where women have larger wrists.

On JBB web site, you will see the width of the jade bangle listed in the title of the product.  If your normal size is the size stated, take a look at the width.  If it is wider than 12mm, you can figure subtracting one mm for every 2-3mm's over 12mm.  If you wear a 58mm jade bangle that's 12mm wide, and you are considering one that is 59mm and 16mm wide, the bangle will fit like it is 57 or even 56mm.   If you hand and knuckles are flexible, and you use the "plastic bag method" you might get lucky and be able to get it on.  If you wear your jade bangle bracelet all the time, that works out fine because then it will be less loose and won't "clunk around" so much. 

If you purchase a jade bangle from JBB and it turns out to just not fit the way you hoped, we will do our best to help you exchange it for one that fits better, with minimal expense of restocking fees.  If you purchase a clearance jade bangle, which are final sales, and it just won't fit, we will give you store credit instead of a refund.  We want you to be happy with your jade bangle bracelet purchase.  And I treat customers the way I want to be treated.

So have fun shopping.  And keep in mind that width truly matters in determining if your jade bangle will fit.

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