Lavender Jade Bangle Bracelets

Lavender jade bangle bracelets are one of the most requested jade bangles.  If you love lavender, and you love jade, you can't resist the combination.

Lavender jade is very precious and rare.  Genuine natural color lavender is so rare and expensive you can expect to pay at least $10,000 for grade A lavender jadeite that has a "good lavender" color.  You can purchase natural genuine jadeite lavender that is pale color,  or a few lavender veins mixed with other color, or soft lavender hues (usually with charcoal color) for less.  There are some available on the JBB web site.  Do a search for "lavender" and the ones in the "China's Favorite" or "Jade Market" collections are natural color

Read more about lavender jadeite on the JBB Jade Blogger on an off-site blog, click here.

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