1080 Apr 9 Translucent "Spleen" Green Chinese Jade Bangle Bracelet 61mm (JBB3097)

Regular price $ 250.00

Lovely translucent yellowish green Chinese jade bangle bracelet, 61mm inside diameter, flat inside, 14mm wide.  Referred to as "spleen green" because of the yellow hues associated with Spleen meridian in Chinese medicine, it is used to balance the spleen meridian to help with digestion, eating, and emotions of fear and insecurity.  Some modern Chinese women wear this kind of jade for weight control issues.  There are some "clouds" of white, related to the lung meridian for cooling the body, and black "pepper" veins related to the kidney meridian.  Genuine and natural color, the kind of jade used bu Chinese people for centuries.

Small nick on surface from jade carving gives this a lower price.

Made in our jade shop by our jade carver.