"Sister Set" Carved and Smooth Jadeite Jade Set of 2 Bangle Bracelets 57mm (JBB3218)

Regular price $ 550.00

Set of two jadeite bangle bracelets, carved and smooth "sister set".  The carved jadeite bangle is 57mm inside diameter, 12.5mm wide. It is carved with lingzhi immortal plant, peach and bat, symbol of happiness. The smooth jadeite bangle is 57.2mm inside diameter, and 12.5mm wide.  These were carved from the same jade rough so the stone is similar in color and quality.  These were tested by refraction to determine they are genuine jadeite.  They are older jade stone purchased prior to the Lantos jadeite embargo to USA  so probably carved around the year 2005.  Good polish,  no cracks, chips or damage.   Wear them both, or share one with a "sister".

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