"Powerful Compassionate Woman" Chinese River Jade Bangle Bracelet 60 mm (JBB3386))

Regular price $ 250.00

Deep "yang" green for power, soft green and translucence for compassion, Chinese "river jade" bangle bracelet.  Size is 60 mm inside diameter, 16.5 mm wide.  The translucence varies throughout.  Very well polished all around.  There is a clarification in the light part of this bangle that was formed as the jade was being formed.  Clarification lines are NOT cracks or damage, and they actually take the pressure off the "roundness" of the bangle shape so they are more sturdy.

Photos taken in natural outdoor lighting at different angles so you can see how it looks all around.

Made by JBB jade carver in China from genuine and natural color river jade.

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