Traditional Genuine Chinese Jade Bangle Bracelets

Natural Chinese jade that is mined in China has been the traditional kind of jade for centuries.  In the 19th century, Burmese jadeite was introduced to China.  Jadeite has a different gemology and because it was cherished for its fei cui green color and imperial green, it quickly became popular.  Jadeite is often color treated by bleaching with acids, then treated with polymer resin to give it the fei cui green, lavender, red, and other colors that would be very expensive if  natural, but are often loved by "foreigners" (western people). 

Chinese jade has traditionally been all natural because it is also used to make jade rollers, gua sha and other health tools that need the natural jade qi of natural color.  However, since Chinese jade is getting mined out because of it's overuse and not being managed for the precious gem it truly it, it is also getting color treatments. 

All of our Chinese jade comes from jade mines in east north Liaoning province in China and carved by our jade carver for us.  That's a reason we can offer larger, "non-Chinese" sizes at lower prices, because of the large quantity of jade rough we purchase for our own use. 

Chinese jade is "real jade", the traditional jade used in China for centuries.  It's is "China's National Jade" and the same kind of jade you find in remote national jade museums in China.

How do I know my jade bangle size?