Classic Round Mossy Green Burmese Jadeite Jade Bangle Bracelet 58.5mm (JBB2733)

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A vibrant yang deep green vein on lighter yin green classic round  style Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet 58.5mm inside diameter, 8.2mm thick, a good size to feel comfortable as you wear it.  Nice translucence shows off all the color pattern and veins.  Silky smooth polish, icy cold to the touch. Rare to find classic round style, this style was made for women who were living the good lifestyle, not doing physical labor, like princesses, concubines and other wealthy women.  Flat inside jade started becoming popular when "every day women" worked, and needed a jade bangle flat inside for more comfort.  One only!

Tested by refraction, genuine Burmese jadeite.

Good to Know: This jade bangle bracelet is genuine Burmese jadeite tested by refraction. Due to the composition and natural properties of mined gemstones, the product image may show slight differences to the actual stone stone in color saturation, tone, hue. Gemstones like jade are sometimes treated to enhance their natural beauty.

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