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JadeBangleBracelets is a "sister" web site of Ying Yu Jade. Ying Yu Jade purchased hundreds of jade and Burmese jadeite bangle bracelets before the costs of jadeite increased and the quality of jadeite stone was better than it is today because of political problems
and the supply of jadeite being depleted in Burma (Myanmar). Our philosophy is to offer beautiful, high quality jade bangle bracelet in
a price range for all budgets. Ying Yu Jade has been online selling genuine, natural and traditional jade and jadeite since the year 2000
and includes a very large inventory. JadeBangleBracelets is the "overflow" web site, and features only jade bangle bracelets. If you
are interested in other jade items, including jade pendants, jade carvings, jade jewelry, jade pillow covers, jade health tools including
jade eggs and ben wa balls for women's pelvic health, jade rollers, gua sha tools, "needles" for acupuncture without needles, and YYJ exclusive "Frown Ease Wrinkle Reducer", visit Ying Yu Jade to view our wide range of high quality jade products, click here

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