Pair Jadeite Jade Bangle Bracelets "Sister Set"Carved and Smooth 67mm (JBB3219)

Regular price $ 550.00

Pair of genuine jadeite bangle bracelets.  The smooth jadeite bangle is 67mm inside diameter, 12.5mm wide. Pale green and moderately translucent with good polish.  The carved jadeite bangle is 67.2mm inside diameter and 12.5mm wide.  The detailed carving is lotus all around with a feminine peach. The carving is slightly raised to be good for every day wearing.  These were not carved from the same jade rough, but were chosen as a set for similar coloring and size.  Wear together, or share one with a "sister".

Tested by refraction indicating genuine jadeite.  Carved around the year 2005.  They are new and never worn, no damage, cracks or chips.   One of a kind pair. The come with a silk lined box and two separate areas for each jade bangle.

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