Sale-Glowing Translucent Traditional Classic Chinese Jade Bangle Bracelet 56mm (JBB-SPF-56)

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Gorgeous "glowing" translucent Chinese jade bangle bracelet.  Size is 56 mm inside diameter, approximately 14mm wide.  The photo just cannot capture how beautiful this jade bangle is with the soft "yin" green and "clouds" of white and lighter green.  The photos were taken in natural outdoor light to show the translucence.  Indoor light shows off more of the pattern throughout.  Very well polished all around. 

These jade bangle bracelets all came from the same jade rough, and are slightly different because real genuine jade is always different, although the camera can't capture the subtle difference.  You can see the slight difference in the photo with the Chinese fan.

Made by our jade carver in China.  He purchases the jade directly from the jade mine and carves to our high standards.  Chinese jade is the classic jade Chinese people have worn for centuries.  Genuine and natural.   

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