Reduced Price-"Hong" Red Veins Burmese Jadeite Jade Bangle Bracelet Grade A 56.5mm + Certificate (693)

Sale price $ 300.00 Regular price $ 450.00

Beautiful natural red "hong" veins on medium green Burmese jadeite bangle bracelet.  Size is 56.5mm inside diameter, 16mm wide.  The main "hong" color is shown in the photo, and there are smaller hong red veins throughout half of the jade bangle.  The dominant color is a medium green and there are varied green color veins throughout. 

Clearance priced because the jade carver left a rough area about 2mm at the edge of the jade bangle, not easily seen.  There is also a line that is not easily seen because of the veins that is probably a clarification line because it does not go through to the inner side of the jade bangle.  Clarification lines are formed during the formation of the jade stone thousands of years ago to strengthen areas, and are not true cracks.  Clarification lines are part of nature, as is jade stone.

Includes certificate of gemology testing, genuine jadeite grade A.  

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