"Overcoming Obstacles" Chinese Jade Bangle Bracelet 59mm Natural Color (JBB3201)

Regular price $ 250.00

"Yang" colors of charcoal, fiery red and green" balances with yin light green color Chinese jade bangle bracelet.  Size is 59mm inside diameter, 18mm wide.  Lots of jade inside to outside make this durable for every day wearing.  The darker "yang" colors give you power to overcome obstacles in life, while the lighter green yin helps you remain calm and secure inside.  This is a kind of "medicine" jade color bangle that Asian and Chinese people wear not only for beauty, but for the energy of the jade. Highly polished, silky smooth.

Chinese river jade gets its natural color from minerals in the river water where it is mined.  Our jade carver purchases the rough jade stone to make these jade bangle bracelets just for JBB.  This is also known as "China's National Jade" and has been worn by Chinese people for centuries.

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